Regime is a lean team of open-minded professionals with more than 35 years of combined experience in the music industry. We are based in Malibu California, but we do business around the world. We manage hip hop pioneers, jazz impresarios, reggae legends, and a varied roster of artists who share our unique sensibilities about music, business, and life. We've developed a unique approach to business development that offers a great deal of freedom while offering ample experience across music, fashion, film, television, radio and entertainment industry avenues. We built this company from the ground up, and everything we do maintains the passion that launched us into our careers.

If you'd like to reach us for artist assets, EPKs, inquiries, or further information - just drop us a line. 


The REGIME client base ranges from Athletes, Artists, Musicians & Producers - From Hip Hop to Latin Jazz to Funk & Reggae. From legendary Graffiti Artist Risk, Hip Hop pioneers Everlast, House Of Pain, DJ Muggs & Dilated Peoples to Poncho Sanchez, Lettuce, Lucky Chops, Common Kings, Amigo The Devil - & many, many more.


The REGIME Film & TV department is ever growing. The roster is lead by the 100% Rotten Tomatoes favorite - Saving Banksy. Focusing on unauthorized sellers of graffiti artist Banksy's work, this film examines the conflicting philosophies of street art and profiteering. The movie currently resides on Netflix, iTunes & Amazon.

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Under the REGIME umbrella, there is a number of highly successful independent companies including SRH Clothing, Empire Agency, Skratch Nā€™ Sniff, Record labels - Regime Music Group, Island Empire/Mensch House Records, Suburban Noize Records & Battle Axe Records with a combined excess of 6 million records sold.