Regime is a lean team of open-minded professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience in the music industry. We are based in Malibu California, but we do business around the world. We manage hip hop pioneers, jazz impresarios, reggae legends, and a varied roster of artists who share our unique sensibilities about music, business, and life. With ample experience across music, fashion, film, television, radio and all the myriad avenues that the entertainment industry opens up we've developed a unique approach to business development that offers a great deal of freedom.

We built this company from the ground up, and everything we do maintains the passion that launched us into our careers, and the persistence that fueled us to grow our business. Our blog is an aggregator for content about our roster, as well as curated content relevant to the music industry. We have EPKs, photos and all relevant materials for our artists available on the site, as well as info on their current and upcoming ventures. 

If you'd like to reach us for inquiries, or further info on anyone from our roster just drop us a line