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Genre-bending, electronic-bass-rock project AHZ have released their debut single "Bad Decisions" on Regime Music Group. The group recently signed to United Talent Agency, and is set to release their debut EP later this year.

"The song 'Bad Decisions' is for anyone who has felt like their worst decisions are their best ones. It’s about looking at your bad decisions without shame, owning them and celebrating them for what they are. This release is special because not only is it our first release, it’s the song that shaped our sound into what it is today," commented Brody Jenner.

From their Malibu-based studio, “Dingo’s Den”, this innovative crew puts a fresh spin on the live music experience. Combining elements of electronic rock, punk, bass, and pop, AHZ may very well be revolutionizing music as we know it. Ushering in a new generation of sound, they are forging their own path, bringing something that's been missing, and very much needed, to the dance music scene.

"AHZ is their name and bass is their game, and lead single "Bad Decisions" has a touch of pop-punk sneer and trudging metal in its DNA."

"AHZ may very well be revolutionizing music as we know it."

"This is exactly what dance music needs to freshen things up!"


  • MTV Live premiere of “Bad Decisions” music video (aired 43x)

  • MTVu premiere of “Bad Decisions” music video (aired 86x)

  • MTV social media takeover with Brody Jenner

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