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  • Support for Common Kings (Summer Tour) 2018

  • Support for Morgan Heritage (Reggae from Nashville Tour) 2018

  • Support for Fiji (Island Vibes Spring Tour)

  • Headline (Summer Laulea) 2017

  • Support for Sammy Johnson (Sleepwalker Tour) 2017

  • Hawaiian Dreams On The Green in Tulsa Oklahoma 2017

Where did she come from?

Her name is Analea Brown, and her sound is amazingly unique but fitting. Island
Empire swooped in and signed their first Tongan female Artist. Coming from a big
musical family, Analea grew up singing with her siblings in church. Family gatherings
consisted of having a guitar or ukulele out and everyone singing along.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, the singer-songwriter/reggae fusionist’s
biggest influences include Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Selena, Beyonce, India Arie,
and Whitney Houston - to name a few. “Some of my cousins were in the popular
80’s band ‘The Jets’ and when I was little I can remember going to so many of their
concerts and daydreaming about singing on stage in front of a big crowd. As a kid I
was definitely inspired by the music and people around me.”

Analea is the singer/songwriter partially responsible for Tenelle’s title track record
“For The Lovers,” which hit number 1 on iTunes and Billboard charts. She also
helped pen Swells ft. Sammy J’s number 1 iTunes hit “Still Wanna Be Your Lover” as
well as one of the best reviewed songs on iTunes for the famous 80’s band “The
Jets” 25th reunion album called “Believe In Love.” Her pen found its way to the rising
young Polynesian star Fancy Nancy. She also helped 5th Harmony’s Dinah Jane
write her first two singles before she auditioned for X- factor.

Analea’s debut album is set to release this year entitled “Queendom”. When asked
what her vision was behind this album she responded, “I spend a lot of time trying to
get to know everyone on my social media. An inspiring part of that for me has been
meeting and hearing the stories of other women.. women who embrace their power
and sexiness.. women who have forgotten their power.. women who are ashamed of
their insecurities.. and women who have made sacrifices in chasing their dreams..
women of every shape, size and color, this is for all you. Queendom - for everything
life puts us women through, and for the men who love and accept every inch of it.

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