Between Kings

Charts (AUS)

The Escape debuted at #3 on the 100% independent albums chart (via Australian Independent Record Labels Association)


"The pop-infused band alternated between hooks and catchy choruses that successfully seemed to swoon the ladies in the crowd. Kudos to the band for bringing something different to the table musically, and deviating from the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to succeeding"

                                                                                            -Wall of Sound AU


"These boys will be a name to watch in the future."

                                                                                            -Hi-Fi Way 


Instagram: 27.5k+ followers


Total Listeners: 86.1K+

Total Streams: 338.9K+

Monthly Listeners: 12.1K+

Radio (AUS)

Triple M Homegrown - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide

TRIPLE M Modern Digital - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide

KIIS - Sydney's #1 station

HIT105 - Brisbane

HITAU -  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Nova FM - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Planet Oz – Sydney, Melbourne + interview

OZMADE Radio – 14 regional stations + interview



NOVA 1069 - Brisbane

HIT105 - Brisbane

FOXFM - Melbourne

NOVA 100 - Melbourne

Radio (US)

KYRK-FM - Corpus Christi,

WROX-FM - Norfolk

WKZQ-FM - Myrtle Beach

KXTE-FM - Las Vegas

KCJK-FM - Kansas City

KHTB-FM - Salt Lake City

KKDO-FM - Sacramento

KMAX-FM - Ft. Collins, CO

KNDD-FM - Seattle

KNRK-FM - Portland, OR

WRDA-FM - Atlanta

KTBZ-FM - Houston

WLKK-FM - Buffalo

WZRH-FM - New Orleans

KPOI-FM - Honolulu

WOLT-FM - Indianapolis

WSFS-FM - Miami

KFRR-FM - Fresno

KROQ-FM - Los Angeles

WWYY-FM - Allentown


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Brisbane, Australia post-alternative rock outfit Between Kings play with a sense passion and desire that has been missing from most modern rock. The band has concocted a batch of songs that pour out of the speakers with emotional intensity and vitality. When Between Kings pick up their instruments they aren't playing songs, they are letting the audience take a listen to their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

The group quickly developed a bond over their desire to create complex rhythms and powerful hooks, as they carefully crafted their sound over their 11-track Album. Between Kings work ethic is unparalleled, constantly working to elevate the band to the next level.

Sonically, Between Kings feel at home mixing beautiful and sweet sounds making your heart skip a beat, then smashing it with arena-rock balladry making you feel like you’re a king the next. Between Kings’ triumphant use of melodic elements makes it irresistible for rock enthusiasts to throw up the horns, or feel good flooding the dance floor.