DJ Babu

Born Chris Oroc, DJ Babu is a member of DJ crew The Beat Junkies and legendary hip-hop crew Dilated Peoples. The California-based DJ began making mix tapes in the early ’90s and has won multiple competition titles including the DMC Championship in 1997 and multiple ITF titles. As a revered battle DJ he has appeared in and hosted numerable videos and — under the name Turntablist — produced perhaps the genre’s most popular battle record, 1996′s “Super Duck Breaks”, and its inevitable follow-up, “Super Duper Duck Breaks”, in 2000.

His work on the first three Dilated Peoples albums of 2000′s “The Platform”, 2001′s “Expansion Team” and 2004′s “Neighborhood Watch”, which produced the hit “This Way” with Kanye West, are all hailed as exemplary examples of quality hip-hop. Dilated Peoples is very much a part of the back-to-basics approach to hip-hop and are seen as torchbearers for old school hip-hop diehards with Jurassic 5.